I am a servant leader whose primary focus is to coach, encourage and ultimately help others uncover their God ordained purpose in life. As a young man I began my own search for purpose and meaning which led me on a journey of growth and development that began over 15 years ago and continues to this day. Through trial and error, personal implementation and years of research I have uncovered that the key to living a successful life is, intentional living!

As a certified coach I work directly with clients to develop life strategies that will enable them to clarify their personal vision, gain a deeper understanding of their unique mission, establish foundational values by which to live and set personal expectations that will help them to live up to their potential and maximize each moment of their life!

In addition to keynote speaking and personal coaching, I offer engaging and interactive, live workshops; in which I walk participants through step by step on the path of personal discovery and empowerment. My live workshops serve as a catalyst for change. Once you’ve attended a live event you’ll never look at life the same again! Are you ready to embrace life for the journey that it is and begin to truly live up to your God given potential? If so I want to be your guide!

Melvin Banks